The Fire Within

Do you ever feel a longing in the pit of your stomach that you just can’t explain? Do you ever feel homesick, but you are sitting on your front porch? Do you ever wonder why you can’t just be content with the way things are? Do you ever just wonder?

It is the Divine Feminine that awakens us with longing to reunite with the Beloved. It is the mystery of the hieros gamos, or the sacred marriage within that brings us to an awareness of the Whole--that awakens us to the fact that we are a part of something much larger than our own little lives.

The Divine Feminine is She Who Dwells Within, the indwelling Spirit, that awakens our spirit and invites us to move into a greater state of Being instead of doing. She creates an inner balance of the feminine with the masculine and brings us into a greater state of awareness of our relationship with All That Is.

I have found that She creates a longing that cannot be ignored. She insists that we listen to Her voice. She plants a seed that grows within us, inviting us to awaken. She lights a fire. She poses questions. She stirs up our life. She kicks us out of our comfortable nest. She insists that we learn to fly. She becomes the fly within our ointment, necessitating that we throw out the old and invite in the new. When She shows up, you cannot ignore Her. She is She Who Must Be Heard! She is the fire within.


I truly love the way you write! You've just put into words what I have been trying to explain for a long, long time!
Julie Smith said…
Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I believe it is the Divine Feminine that inspires us to create, to write, to paint, to dance. So She really gets the credit for anything inspired that comes out of my mouth!
Luciana Onofre said…
your blog is beautiful!

Julie Smith said…
Luciano, Thank you so much and many blessings to you!