Take the Road Less Traveled

What is the most powerful force in the world? What can reach in and transform any situation? What can change any relationship for the better? What has the power to transform our world? You already know the answer to this. It lives deep inside you. It rests within your heart just waiting to open into greater possibility.

That beautiful gift comes straight from Source and flows through you. It courses through your veins. It holds all of life together. It can fix any problem we face. It waits on us to value it, to honor it, to see it as the powerful force that it is. It can reconcile any problem. It can bridge any gulf. It is pure magic.

The magic lives in us. We can wield its power. We can transform the world with it. We can transform our lives with it. We can choose love. Yes, we can be willing to open our hearts to love. We can transform everything, right now, by choosing love. It is that powerful. It is that magical. It is that available. Right now. Not tomorrow. Not some day. It is our choice. Choose love.

It is the road less traveled. Make it the road you travel. Today. Be the Magic. Be the Beauty. Be the conduit for transformation. Be Love. It will make all the difference.


Just beautiful. Thank you.
Julie Smith said…
You are so welcome! You know, it seems that love is the really one important thing we have to figure out!

Blessings to you--and love,