Moving Along

For many I know, this has been a year filled with challenges. Personally, this is true for us as well, but here we are, almost to the Summer Solstice and we have completed a major transition, jumping over what seemed like an insurmountable hurdle. We have moved.

Three simple words, but they are weighted with so much more than just a move from one household to another. We have moved not only our possessions, but also our priorities. We have moved not only physically, but we have moved spiritually.

Frankly, we are fairly exhausted from the effort, but it is an exhaustion that comes with a sense of satisfaction that one gets after completing a fairly difficult course of study in school. So it is a completion of sorts, but just as one finishes school and celebrates it with a commencement, so it is that I anticipate we are not only ending something, but that we are beginning something new.

The work is not over. Really a new stage is beginning. There is some major work to do on the new property. Accommodations to be made for my parents. Ministries to deepen and expand into. We have many options and choices about what we will create. We can try and re-create our old life, or we can create something entirely new! Life awaits like a fresh, clean canvas awaiting new color and life.

Endings and beginnings are usually muddled up together like a pile of tangled strings, where one cannot clearly discern the beginning from the ending, one end of the string from the other. I suspect that this applies to our world as well. We are seeing the end of one way of doing things, and witnessing the beginning of something new. It all looks muddled up and confusing. What will we choose to make from this time of apparent chaos and change?

It might depend on how we choose to view it, what choices we make about where we want to go, and whether or not we are willing to let go of the old way of being. I'm committing to serve in whatever way I can, adding beautiful colors to our canvas. Colors like love, forgiveness, acceptance, peace. I'm praying that if I open my heart to the Divine to live through me, I will be like the brush in the hand of the Master.

What color will you choose to be in the world?