Move This Mountain: Ponderings From A Long Day

Richard and I moved a lot of dirt yesterday. We had two seeming mountains of earth sitting beside the new pad for my folk's manufactured home. We are trying to save some money, so we decided we could move this dirt ourselves using our small Case Uni-loader and our Gator which has a small bed and dump on the back that we normally use for cleaning stalls. So Richard would put a bucket full of dirt into the back of the Gator and I would drive it back behind the arena and empty it and then come back for another load. Anyway, to make a long story short it is a bit like emptying a bathtub one cup at a time. Richard estimated that there was about 150 yards of dirt sitting there. Now we are down to about 25 to 40 yards, about 2-3 truckloads worth instead of the 7 or more that were there.

This was certainly an experience in the mundane, and somewhat consciousness altering. I have heard of using repetitive, mindless activities to shift consciousness. I think this one qualifies. I drove past the animals dozens and dozens of times. Richard and I were laughing last night that even they seemed to tire of the repetitive activities of the day. Our goat, Tulip, was at the salt lick, and Richard said, "Yeah, she would say, 'there goes Mom, there goes Mom, there goes Mom'. I think we were all in a bit of a trance by the time it was said and done. We finally quit out of sheer insanity!

Laying in bed last night, I was still going in circles and wondered if one could use this disorientation or whatever to end up in a new place all together. During times of abundance, we would never consider doing this. We keep finding ways to cut back and scale down. We probably saved about a thousand dollars. My how times have changed!

I look at folks who still have an income and steady work and wonder if they realize how many people in the country have lost that sense of security. It seems that we don't really understand what is going on until it comes to pay a visit to our front door. It makes me wonder how many things I am oblivious to because I am not personally experiencing it or am aware of it. I'm also aware that if I did become aware, it would be quite overwhelming.

It brings acute awareness to the concept of judgment and how we too often make judgments about this or that because of our lack of awareness into the true nature of someone's circumstances. We wonder about so many things and yet see so little. Soul covenants, personal karma, group karma, genetics, just to name a few, are pieces of the complex puzzle that from our limited perspective make it impossible to have a complete picture about anything.

Anyway, I had much time to contemplate what the earth elementals would do with the dirt moving. Thought of Jesus' words about if you had enough faith you could say to a mountain, "Move" and it would move and was wishing that my faith were that large. But, in reality, we have moved a mountain. Our manifestation rate is just quite a bit slower than Jesus' was. But we are learning...


I love your style of writing. This brings to mind two thoughts.

1. My granddaughter once asked me if I knew the difference between a mountain and a molehill. When I responded "No!" the said that she never wanted to go hiking with me!!!

2. My belief system totally believes that mountains belong right where they are!
Julie Smith said…
You have a very wise granddaughter! As to moving mountains, after moving mountains of dirt, I'm inclined to agree with you...but such is life!

I do appreciate your stopping by. Thanks for your kind and wise thoughts :)