On Gossamer Wings

Pregnant within the heart of humankind
reside seeds of compassion, harmony, and love
lying dormant until the time comes
when they must rise and sprout and grow
into the beauty that God desires.

The soil needed to make them sprout is being prepared
through the breakdown of all we know
and falsely cling to.
Through the process of decay
we will see new birth.

We must trust that what appears as an end
is merely a new beginning.
Death is a birth
and by dying to what is
we will be born into what may be.

As the caterpillar dissolves its old form
in order to become a butterfly
that crawls not upon its belly
but soars into the sky above,
so we must dissolve our old broken systems
and false selves into the watery abyss
in order to be born again with gossamer wings.