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Choose Wisely!

It’s time to vote again and passions seem to have never run higher about who is right and who is wrong. I’m reminded of a saying from long ago by Charles Dickens in his book “A Tale of Two Cities”. It goes, “It was the best of all times and the worst of all times.” The same could be said of today.

What makes the difference? How can we participate in the best of times rather than the worst of times? If you listen too much to the media, you will be inclined to live in the worst of all times. Is this really true? Is it really the worst of all times to live in? Could we possibly be living in the best of all times?

I would suggest that it is a choice of whether or not we live in the best or the worst of all times and that choice is ours. Some folks are currently living in the best of times. There is more possibility to create and navigate the world than there has been for a very long time. These folks are living in a high creative, high potential environment. The world is at their fingertips. They have a huge storehouse of tools to use. Information and technology are their servants. Some are using these tools to innovate healing modalities. Some are using the increased consciousness of humanity to help eliminate world hunger and find a cure for cancer. In fact, the advances in sciences and humanities if advertised on the news every night, would astound us!

There are other people who are living in the worst of times and they are getting worse by the moment. They live in constant fear of not having enough. There is a threat around every corner, a monster in every closet. They fear shortages while living in plenty. They fear catastrophe with each new day. In fact, if you listen to the news every night, you would be astonished at how awful things really are. It’s probably not safe to walk out of your own door!

What truly makes the difference here? Perhaps it is you. Perhaps it is how you choose to see the world. Perhaps it is all depends on the condition of your heart. I would suggest that we live in the reality of our own making. I’m not saying that we don’t experience the effects of the world we live in, that bad things do not happen, or that there are not some serious concerns that need addressing. I’m suggesting that how we choose to participate in our world makes all the difference in the world we live in.

The context that we create by our choices determines how we will see things. If I choose to see each person as a child of God, this determines my context for seeing the world. If I choose to see chaos as the building blocks for creating something new and better, then I can see the breakdown of our current systems as an opportunity for creating something new.

Rigid structures allow for no change. In order for there to be needed changes in our world, some things must die off in order for something new to be born. This happens on a personal level, a local level, a national level, and a global level. This context helps me to see the day we live in as an exciting time, a time when high creation is possible. I have the choice to participate in a loving, collaborative way or I have a choice to participate in a fearful, hateful way. Interesting when we look at it like this. What makes the difference in the future we will live in? You make the difference.

So use your ability to choose to cast a vote. But do so with compassion and caring, not with malice and discontent. Do so with love and not with hatred. Remember, the seeds that we plant, we will be the plants that grow. Remember that it is the intention of your heart that casts the seeds. Be conscious of what you are truly sowing. We do more than choose a candidate, we choose how we are going to show up in the world and we are each creating the world of the future. I want to live in a world where differences are honored, people are respected and cherished, and love is the motivating principle behind all that we do. Choose wisely. We will live in the world we create. This is not about them, it is about you


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