The Feminine Aspect of Creation--Happy Mother's Day

The feminine aspect in creation has long been ignored, but the day is dawning when we see and sense the rise of the feminine and a hopeful resurgence of the honoring of the womb of creation. What better day than Mother’s Day to talk about the beauty that lies within the feminine aspect of our world.

Apart from the issues of gender lies the greater awareness that the feminine resides within all of us. The feminine principle is the principle of receptivity. It is the womb that incubates and grows all of our creative projects whether that is a child of humanity or newly decorated room or the next masterpiece to hang in the Louver. The feminine is Sophia, the principle of wisdom and she is also the face of creation. She is you. She is me.

In balanced partnership with the masculine principle, we find beauty, order, and equality. When balance exists between the two aspects in creation, the masculine and the feminine, we find health and harmony. In a world where both principles are honored and appreciated, we would see wholeness and an environment and ecology in balance.

Instead, we find ourselves in a world that is out of balance and too often, lives that are out of balance. We are over-achievers, over-doers, and over-exploiters of our environment and resources, whether those resources are natural or personal. As a result we are living lives that are over-extended and too frequently short on creativity, joy, and health.

As a result of our imbalance and tendencies towards patriarchal practices we live in a world where we see a continuance of a rape of women, molestation of children, war against each other, and an ongoing depletion of our world’s natural resources. Truly, it is time to awaken to our collective and personal need to honor and bring into balance the feminine principle within our culture. In fact, our survival depends upon doing just that.

I would suggest that we could begin by making some small but necessary changes in our own lives. We must first begin by learning the art of saying ‘no’. Learning to take care of ourselves and saying no to doing more, having more, and being more is essential to restoring balance to our lives. Saying ‘yes’ to a simpler lifestyle and taking time for some meaningful spiritual practice in our lives is key to restoring the feminine principle.

The feminine aspect is nurturing. It creates a supportive, loving environment that helps a fetus to grow. Whether that fetus is an actual baby or your own soul, a potentiating, protected environment is essential for survival. An environment that is too crowded with noise, materialism, and self-destructive practices will only result in a premature abortion of whatever it is we are trying to cultivate and grow in our own lives or in the world.

By simplifying our lives we are saying no to all of the distractions that promise to make us more successful, more beautiful and younger by simply consuming, purchasing, or participating in behaviors that ultimately just lead to more stuff and a waste of resources. By simplifying our lives we are saying yes to creativity, renewal, and a sustainable life that is in balance and although may look less ‘successful’ by the world’s standards, far exceeds the levels of success that we tend to measure our worth by.

This Mother’s Day, I would suggest that we measure our worth and our success by the simple fact that We Are. Rather than a litany of all the wonderful things that Mother does—let’s celebrate the fact the She Is. Let’s embrace the fact that within all of us, male or female, we can celebrate the feminine principle and let’s remember that the very world that supports us is worthy of our honor, respect, and careful attentions.


Simplification! Wonderful message!
Julie Smith said…
Observer~Yes, my ongoing journey! Simplify, simplify, simply!

Blessings to you.