Surrender is the deep art of letting go. 
It is the practice of willingly and consciously 
Jumping off the cliff of our deepest fears, 
Trusting that we will be supported in our efforts to fly. 

 It is calculated trust. It is total abandon. 
It is the reckless flinging of oneself into the arms of the Beloved 
Trusting that a loving embrace awaits. 

 It is craziness. A man, a woman gone mad, 
Letting go of conventional wisdom and opening to the crazy wisdom 
Of nature and of intuition. 

 It is nonsense, or no sense, for it makes no sense at all 
To jump headlong into the blackness of the Void 
Trusting that a new creation will appear before you-- 
Welcoming you out of the inky blackness into which you have cast yourself. 

Reckless Fool. Crazy God-person. 
Only such would surrender.  Jump without a net; 
Let go, believing that you will fly.