Live Each Day as if it Were Your Last

How do You See the World?

We limit ourselves by the way we think of things, so that we experience our idea of how something is rather than just the experience of it. This is our mental model of reality. Am I experiencing my life just as it occurs, or my model or interpretation of it? Am I seeing myself as I am, or as who others and society have told me I am?

Try as I might, the filters of the past, of others' voices—these all create a mental model that severely restrict the reality of how I see. They imprison me. It is a dark glass, an opaque lens, and it affects everything I do and see.

Some have suggested that rather than trying to untie these 'psychological knots', that one simply focus elsewhere and stop giving them so much weight, credence, and power in the life. Rather than trying to clean up the mess, maybe it is more constructive to just learn to open to the mystery of life and somehow convince the mind that today may be one's last on earth and to simply enjoy it!

If I can imagine that I will be done with earth here soon, then what does most of what I worry about really matter? It seems the only thing I would be concerned with is that people know that I deeply love them. What else could possibly matter? And isn't that really the secret—to live with an open heart, living each day as if it were my last? This somehow seems to make each sunrise a treasure, each rainstorm a symphony.