You Are Never Alone

God loves you! What a wonderful thought, that the Source of All That Is loves me and loves you. Sometimes when we look around and see how little we love one another, we start to think that maybe God is the same way. Maybe God holds grudges just like we do. Maybe God likes some people better than others. Maybe God grows tired of our slowness and gives up on us.

Fortunately, God is a lot better at loving than we are. God is love is the foundation of the Kingdom of Love that we all long for. We were created in love and designed for love. Even in the midst of sin and sadness, God reaches out through creation and through the lives of people who have chosen the path of love to let us know that we are loved.

It is easy to feel alone. Sometimes we feel alone in our sadness and sometimes we feel alone in our celebrations. Sometimes we feel alone in our spiritual walk. We start looking around and don’t see anyone or anything that we resonate with and we can feel entirely alone, even in the midst of people.

We are never alone. God is always present for us in the Spirit. God wants to live within us. This connection, allowing God’s presence to live in our hearts, means that we are never truly alone, but always connected to our Creator and have an infinite supply of love waiting to be felt if we will just turn our attention inward and listen to our hearts in faith. The voice of our Beloved speaks to us from within, through the power of Spirit, telling us that we are not alone.

We often don’t hear this voice, because our ears are out of tune. We rush along day after day, not ever listening for God’s voice and then when a crisis comes and we long for understanding and companionship, we accuse God of abandoning us because we cannot hear His voice. The fault is not that the Spirit is not trying to communicate with us; the problem is that we can’t hear.

By reading about the love of God, by spending time in prayer, by quieting our hearts and minds and listening in meditation, we tune our ears, eyes, and hearts to hear God’s voice of love. God wants us to be so filled with love that our hearts overflow and reach out in love to others. We are to be fountains of joy in a parched world.

Jesus said, “I am the living water. If anyone comes to me, He will never thirst again”. This is because when we drink from the Divine well, we are filled to overflowing with love and joy and nothing in the world will ever hold the same fascination for us once we have been filled with living water.

Do you feel thirsty for something more satisfying than what you see on TV, in the movies, and at the mall? Drink from the well of Living Water and be filled with the joy and love that God wants to share with you. Remember, God loves you!