A New Day

Every time I start to write something I open up what’s called “New Blank Document”. Some times I know before I begin what I’m going to say and some times I don’t. Life is a lot like that New Blank Document. Every morning when we wake up is a new page waiting for something to be written on it.

What are you going to write on your blank page today? Maybe you are going to start writing about creating order in your life. If chaos has taken over, a clean slate, also known as a new day, is a great time to start sorting out disorder into order.

If today finds you fresh out of ideas about what to write about, how about reviewing how your story is going so far. Do you like the direction of your story or has it taken a turn that you would like to see changed? Are you headed in a direction that you are really excited about and you want to see more of the same things manifested in your life?

Wherever you find yourself today is a new blank document, waiting to be written upon. You are the author of your own story. If you don’t like how things are turning out, maybe its time to end one chapter and begin a new one.

I used to work in an industry where we talked a lot about creating strategic goals and objectives and comprehensive treatment plans. We had to map out a road for where we wanted to go and have clearly defined objectives and benchmarks for tracking our progress. It was unacceptable to show up for work without any plan for the future of where we were going or how we planned on getting there.

Unfortunately, it is easy to neglect thoughtful planning and clearly stated objectives when it comes to our personal lives. We often head out the door to work with a better idea of how we are going to support someone else’s business enterprise than we do when we come home to our own lives at night. We are in danger of neglecting our own important enterprise of our life here on earth.

Creating a life plan and daily setting intentions about how you want your life to look are critical to writing a story in life that you are pleased with. Life can slip by and your life can look pretty much the same as it did five years ago, 10 years ago, or longer.

It can be scary to look at your life realistically. The chance that you have something in your life that needs to change that you are avoiding is very high. We tend not to live with intention because if we did, we might have to change some very difficult uncomfortable things. When you are stuck in a miserable job, marriage, relationship, moral dilemma, or even negative thought patterns about yourself it is frightening indeed to look at what you’ve been writing in your life story and have the courage to move on to something else.

To write anything new in our lives requires imagination. We must imagine what we would like to see happen. This is a creative process and it requires that we spend some time daydreaming about what could be. We all knew how to do this very well when we were small. Adults are always going around pulling little people out of the clouds of their imaginations where they frequently spend time playing with all kinds of possibilities, creatures, and fairytales.

It is too bad that we ever lose the ability to imagine new, fun, exciting possibilities in life. When we do, when we accept life as a long, sad story that is exactly the story we create in our life. To start writing something new in your life, remember how to daydream and start imagining what new possibility you can create in your life. Take control of your story by taking responsibility for being its author.

Important questions to ask:

“If I could change one thing in my life right now, what would it be?”

“If time/money/location were no object what would I be doing in my life that I’m not right now?”

“What is preventing me from changing something that I know I am unhappy about?”

"How can I make more time for Spirit, the author of all that's new in my life?"

The answer to these questions will give you a road map for writing a new chapter. If you need help negotiating some of these changes, seek out someone who is an expert in that area (i.e., therapist, career counselor, health expert, financial advisor, pastor, etc.) A great book to read about creating new directions in your life is Wishcraft by Barbara Shear. It is a book about wishing (dreaming) and crafting (implementing).

Write the story of your dreams starting now!