Spring Meditations

It’s gray outside today—and cold. The news this morning said there was bad weather in much of the United States. But on my piano sits a lovely pink vase filled with beautiful pink tulips. These are my reminder that it is spring—my favorite time of year. The trees are leafed out in their fresh new coats of chartreuse green and the fruit trees are covered with blossoms of pink, white, and lavender.

The news around the world is grim. Watching how we treat one another and the terrible tragedies that happen every day can be overwhelming. But the forecast for the future is bright. On my bookshelf, I have a Bible that speaks of an earth made new, a heaven filled with delights, and a new metropolis (New Jerusalem) paved with streets of gold. Lions play with lambs and tigers play with monkeys. It is God’s Kingdom of Love.

On gray days when the weather is cold and during dark times when it seems all we hear about is tragedy, I shift my focus to where I want to be. It doesn’t require a plane ticket to a sunnier climate or leaving planet earth, although both of those things sound tempting at times. It requires that I expand my view or my consciousness to be aware of more than what is right in front of me.

Have you ever noticed how listening to a beautiful piece of music can transport you to another place or put you in a better mood? Or maybe you find comfort in art or reading poetry or looking at beautiful pictures of nature. There are many ways that we can stop and refocus our attention when we feel life getting us down. It is the art of being quiet.

Meditation is about being still and opening yourself up to listen to the voice of Spirit in your life. It can transport you to a sunnier place and lift you up to another world. It can bring joy in the midst of sorrow and comfort in the midst of tragedy.

Wherever you find yourself today, take the time to be still and refocus your attention on the good things that God has in mind for you right now.