Creating Order

We live in an ordered universe. How much order do you see in your life? I laugh when I write this because it seems to me that chaos likes to happen just as much as order. This reminds me of a story that I’ve heard about gardening. There was a man who took over a little plot of ground and carefully started to tend it. He pulled the weeds, turned over the earth, spread on fertilizer, planted seeds, and then watered and waited until the garden started to grow. He kept up the work on his garden and it soon became beautiful. A neighbor remarked to him in passing by about how good God is and how wonderful that God created such beautiful things for us to enjoy. The gardener’s response was short and dry, “Well I don’t know about that,” he said, “You should have seen what it looked like when God had it all by himself”.

We are co-creators with God. What an exciting adventure. God created many beautiful things, but we are needed in the equation to tend and take care of our world. We cannot create a seed that will grow anything, but God can. We can’t make the trees grow or the flowers bloom, but God can. He is the supplier of resources and we are the caretakers or stewards of what has been created for us.

So how good of a caretaker are you of the resources that God has given to you? We sometimes whine and moan that we don’t have more. Sometimes we cry out because we have too much. Creating balance and order in our lives is our responsibility. If we find ourselves with too little or too much we might possibly have a management problem.

When I married my husband I was introduced to a much more abundant life than I was accustomed to. He loves to go out to eat. I had gone out to eat only as a luxury before I met him. It was inevitable that I gained weight after we married. I was not used to so much abundance! It took me quite a while to figure out how to manage plenty. I had been accustomed to managing a little, now I had to manage much more.

Whether we find ourselves in need or with too much, we have to learn to manage the resources that God has provided for us. If we feel that we don’t have enough, we have to ask ourselves how well are we managing what we have? If we are surrounded with too much, we have to ask ourselves how much do we really need?

You can see that this idea carries over to just about every area of your life. Finances, clothes, belongings, order in your home, weight management, and time. Creating order is our responsibility otherwise our resources turn into chaos. God needs us to be managers of our lives. Fortunately we have numerous opportunities to learn how to do this. Life continually sends us lessons in learning how to be good stewards. When we fail, it provides us with good feedback about where to adjust our life and habits to create balance and order.

This spring is a good time to make a list of all your blessings. If you feel you are blessed with too many things in your house to keep order, maybe you could share them with someone who could use a little more. As we learn to manage our resources we help to create a balance of wealth in the universe. When we hoard our things, we create imbalance and inequity in the world. Just remember this idea next time you are afraid to let go of something. By holding on to something that you are not using or no longer need you are holding on to a resource that is needed by someone else.

To keep balance in your life, always remember that “freely we have received—freely give.” We live in an abundant universe. The line between chaos and order is sometimes a fine one indeed. Give yourself the gift today of an ordered life.