Intend to Have A Good Day

What kind of day are you having? Did ever stop to think that what kind of day you’re having matters to God? God is not only interested in what kind of day you’re having because God loves you, God is also interested in your experience because God experiences the world through you!

When God made you God put a spark of itself into you. Your very breath is evidence of the living presence of God. So you are a unique expression of God in the world and your life gives God an experience that is totally distinct and separate from anyone else’s life.

So, how does God get to see the world through you? Do you see a spark of God in all of your fellow human beings? Do you see a spark of God within yourself? Holding on to this awareness helps us to see the importance of having a good day. It’s bad enough to have a bad day oneself, but having a bad day for God just doesn’t sound like too great of an idea!

Actually, when you stop to think about it, we never have a bad day alone. The whole atmosphere around us shifts when we are either feeling good or feeling poorly. We can feel like we are suffering alone, but everything around us senses that things are not right and shifts accordingly. Usually, everything shifts to get out of our way!

We have an influence whether we are aware of it or whether or not we even take responsibility for it. In fact, it is easy to think that our bad moods affect no one. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our moods affect everyone! As our energy changes from negative to positive, our environment changes around us. When we are dark and stormy, we draw more dark and stormy forces around us. When we are positive and light, we attract more light and positive energies towards us, also.

The problem with having a bad day is that our bad day makes the day a little worse for the whole planet, and having a good day does just exactly the same thing. You don’t really get to observe the affects of this as profoundly until there is something that causes large numbers of people to experience either jubilation or great sorrow. Just think of a great event like walking on the moon for the first time or of 9/11.

In setting intentions for the New Year, something that we might all consider is how to have more “good” days than “bad” ones. How can we help to ensure that the energy we send out into the world is for the betterment of the planet and helps oneself as well?

Having a daily spiritual practice is the most effective way to change the kind of days that you experience. By a daily spiritual practice I am referring to time spent in personal study of the sacred, prayer, and meditation. This would be time spent focusing on your personal relationship with God and is outside of what you might do that is connected with your church.

Consistent time set aside for these activities will change the kind of life you are currently experiencing. It becomes easier to listen and recognize the voice of God in your life. You begin to become aware that God wants to live in your life and that what you experience, God also experiences with you. You create room for more joy and abundance in your life.

When you realize that God is present with you through everything you go through in life, it makes the journey a lot more exciting and rewarding. It is certainly less frightening. Just imagine the possibilities of how your life could expand if you felt the presence of the Divine with you at all times. This is God’s desire for your life. The only limitation we experience in this regard is our own limited consciousness.

Spiritual practice expands our consciousness or awareness to all that is possible. It creates space for God to make God’s presence known in our lives. By making time for the sacred in life, you will discover that life itself is sacred.