Forgive and Become Whole

One of life’s most important lessons is to learn to forgive. It seems that in the process of living we accumulate a lot of stuff that either needs forgiveness from others or that creates a need to extend forgiveness to others. We are either in need of being forgiven or we find the need to forgive. It is an ongoing lesson.

At the heart of forgiveness we find unconditional love. It is pretty much impossible to forgive without love. Try forgiving yourself, for instance, without being full of a sense of love and acceptance. If you cannot picture being filled with love and being completely accepted by God, how can you possibly be filled with a sense of forgiveness and wholeness? And if you are not completely overcome with this sense of fullness how could you possibly be able to extend that kind of unrestricted goodness and acceptance to others?

Without love it is impossible to forgive. Love takes us outside of ourselves. It takes us beyond the ego and the smallness of our mistakes or the mistakes of others. It elevates us to the level of Spirit. It is only from this perspective that we see our humanness for what it is. We see through the eyes of our Creator and realize that we are so much more than our mere human form. Through the eyes of Spirit we see the great value that God places upon us and upon our fellow travelers.

We are on a classroom planet, here to learn the important lessons that we need to develop our character. Once we realize this we will be able to view our mistakes and the mistakes of others as part of a learning process. When we understand this we are better able to understand the concept of grace. Grace is also about unconditional love. We are given much grace to learn the lessons we are here to learn.

There is more than enough unconditional love, grace, and acceptance available to us from Source to be able to embrace others and ourselves in forgiveness. This is our key to living a life full of joy and happiness. Our part is to learn to embrace this love and let it flow through us. This brings healing to our souls and makes us a conduit for healing love to others.