Graduate: To Commence To Begin

This June I had two children graduate from college—on the same day—in two different locations—at two different times—in two different cities! Fortunately, we were able to make it to both and celebrate the successes of both children. You can tell by their smiling faces that they too are thrilled with their accomplishments!

Commencement is a fitting word for a graduation. When one is young, you hardly know what this means. All you can see is the finish line and the completion of many years of hard work. The word of course means, “to commence”—to begin. Indeed it is because of the hard work and completion that you are now able to begin something new.

Many graduates feel a little lost after graduation because of the time and energy spent towards completing their goal. Even years later, far into adulthood, we too often feel a little at loose ends at the completion of some long-worked for goal. Perhaps we have attained a promotion, or built a house, or launched children off into the world on their own. Whatever the magnitude of our accomplishment, there can be a sense of lack of direction and ennui at the end of it. Where we expected a continued elation, we can find a new lack of direction.

On the spiritual path, we often work towards goals sometimes overcoming bad habits, reigning in a bad temper, releasing old baggage, and maintaining a higher emotional state of being. We celebrate these successes for we recognize that they are the result of a deepening relationship with Spirit. They are, on the other hand, behaviors that have to continue to be realized in our lives.

Graduation is recognition of something accomplished. After this comes the realization of it in our lives—making it our own, growing into the fullness of what God has in mind for us. Daily we are called to realize the potential of our soul’s calling and high purpose. One success, or ten makes no difference for the path only ends when we return to Source.

Each day we have the opportunity to realize something new in our lives and in our ministry to others. Certainly we must celebrate our successes, but at the same time we must hold equally in mind the idea of a continuous new beginning of our walk with Spirit. Daily spiritual practice is the key to forward movement in our lives. I invite you to begin again each day.