Winter's Lessons

Winter, long, the days drag by.

Wondering, waiting, hoping.
So unclear the end result
What does God have in mind?

The nights mirror the darkness inside
The questions, the fears, the unknown,
Ultimately striving for balance and peace
Where God, am I to be?

Fervent, anguished, perfected in wait,
I long to see the day.
When enlightened I go about my day
Wondering, waiting no more,

A heart, open and filled with light,
Comes only from one that is empty.
Though carved by adversity, its destiny joy.
Perfected ever in trial.

Eternity dawns with each new day.
The future, a myth of the mind.
The past, but a memory dim.
The power is always in now.

So restless one with answers so few
Reflect on the gift of today.
What seems so elusive and beyond your control
Lies ready to serve you each day.
Yes, ready to serve you each day.


Suzanne Bean said…
Beautiful and so true :) Thank you.
Julie Smith said…
You are welcome and thank you, Suzanne. One day at a time :)