A Place of New Beginnings

2013. We’ve arrived at last at a place of new beginnings. What a wild ride we had in 2012. For me, it was a year of intense family responsibilities and much letting go of what I thought I knew about myself. What was it like for you? I’m sure that we each one could tell a story or two of what this last year meant to us.

With every ending comes the opportunity to begin again. The slate is fresh and clean and limitless possibilities await you. What do you imagine for the New Year? What exciting projects beckon? What no longer serves you? What attitudes make your life too small? What change and healing wants to flow into your life and out into the world?

There is a story of a very old woman who sat at her loom, weaving the most beautiful blanket that ever would be. Beside her an old dog slept. On the hearth, a pot of primordial soup bubbled and hissed. When she arose from her place at the loom to attend to the cauldron, the old dog awakened and noticed a stray thread from the loom. While the woman tended the soup, the old dog pulled all of the weaving loose from the loom, destroying the most beautiful blanket that ever would be. Returning from her task, the old woman found all of her hard work in a heap. Undeterred, she sat down, saying to herself, “I will now weave the most beautiful blanket that ever will be.” And with that, she returned to the task at hand.

Such is the journey of life. The world is woven over and over again, each time coming together in new and different ways. Regardless of what life has brought you this last year, we are always given the opportunity to begin again and to create the most beautiful life that ever was. In spite of grim reports in the news, a government that doesn’t work nearly as well as it should, a world that is too often in pain, and far too many have too little and too few have too much, we are invited again and again to imagine something better, something more beautiful, and something greater. May 2013 be the year that we weave the most beautiful world ever, the most fulfilling life, and dream dreams that break the limits of our imagination