Only Love Heals

Sometimes when people have cancer, they will be asked to visualize the cancer cells as the enemy and to then picture them being aggressively attacked and moved out of the body. But there is a problem with this tactic. Only love is a healing energy. We can't use a negative energy to heal anything.

When we find ourselves out of balance—negativity only creates more imbalance. I know for me, focusing on what I perceive as wrong with my body or some other aspect of myself, only creates more discomfort—more imbalance. Learning unconditional love and acceptance is one of the hardest things to learn. In fact, I sometimes wonder if it is The One Thing that we are here to learn. Everything else puts us into a state of separation, fear, alienation, distress, and dis-ease.

True healing—on all levels—is always a by-product of love—for it is the quintessential healing energy. With our focus on curing, we have lost the necessary ingredient to actually heal. Where we are most out of balance is in our ability to reconcile and accept life and death—health and sickness. By being at war with death, we are alienated from life. Here on earth, we can't have one without the other.   By embracing death, we can embrace life.

If I can embrace my imperfections, then I am free to embrace my perfections—if there are any—and if I'm not so sure about my perfections—then perhaps I should not be so certain about my imperfections.

 It seems that we are all trying to escape from our self-made prisons of preconceived ideas and rigid views of reality that too often, paint us into a corner. "If I'm not _________, then I'm not OK." So, what if I'm not OK? Who is? Perhaps we are first called to be OK with "not OK" and to learn to practice the healing energy of love to ourselves. If only love heals, then love towards all that we consider 'not OK' with the world, others, and ourselves is probably a really good place to start.


Just me said…
Excellent point.
We should never hate war but love peace!
Julie Smith said…
So true! Whenever we respond to something negative with negativity ourselves, we only add to the negative energy. It is a sacred form of alchemy to turn one thing into another. It's funny how we often add to the problem without realizing it.

Thanks for your thoughts!