"I think God looks like us" "Yep"

A Fresh New View of God

Perfectly Balanced

Flow With Spirit

A Steady Flow

A Fragrant Life

What Does Your Picture of God Leave Out?

An Incomplete Picture

No Two Alike

The Beauty of Being You


Into The Sunshine

Going in Circles?

Time to Relocate

Listen For God's Voice

Nature Restores

Happy? Or Sad?

A Different Perspective

Beautiful Fruit

The Greatest is Love

Where Am I?

Do You Know Where You Are?

Gateway to Heaven

Heavenly Address

Answers Abound


From A Distance...

A Higher View

First the Rain...Then the Rainbow

Going Back In Order To Move Forward

Don't Let Your Voice Go Unheard

Find Your Voice

Dancing Their Own Dance

Be Who You Are

Opening to A Greater Reality

A Bigger Picture Every Day

Beside Still Waters

The Lord Is My Shepherd

What's Next?

We Were Born to Love

Beauty Comes In All Sizes

Living A Beautiful Life

Sunrise Over Mt. Hood

Waking Up to A Beautiful Life

Living Water

Spirit Transforms!

Twice As Nice

The Feminine of God